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Food and trips in Eastern Ontario - Les saveurs de l'est de l'Ontario Discover Eastern Ontario - Découvrez l'est de L'Ontario

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Photo courtesy of the Vankleek  Hill Farmers Market

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Meet the farmers and food artisans at central locations such as farmers' markets and other public markets. Some farmers' markets are open all year and are eager to serve you, come rain or snow. 

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Sample the East

"Sample the East - Discovering Seasonal Routes" is a series of curated single and multi-day trips. Each route is very localized with venues that highlight local foods and beverages along with outdoor adventures, arts, restaurants, and accommodations to make each trip unique and memorable.

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Prescott and Russell’s Broue & Chew Road Trip Will Make for a Tasty Summer!

Explore the Gourmet Route in the Vankleek Hill area, and the Brewers Route, which covers all of Prescott-Russell. The Broue & Chew Road Trip is a collaboration between the United counties of Prescott-Russell and the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network.

The Broue & Chew Road Trip

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