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Photo courtesy of the Vankleek  Hill Farmers Market

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Local Food Portal in Eastern Ontario

The new Local Food Portal for Eastern Ontario is now open for shopping. Discover and purchase local food directly from farmers and food and beverage producers. Arrange for home delivery, for pickup at their place of business, or to meet them at a farmers' market.

Local Food Portal in eastern Ontario

Visit Farmers' Markets this Summer

Meet the farmers and food artisans at central locations such as farmers' markets and other public markets. Some farmers' markets are open all year, and may other farmers' markets are opening in May and June for the 2021 season. 

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Terego RV Tourism in Eastern Ontario

Welcome to the world of RVs and agri-tourism. Visitors enjoy the people, the tastes and the views of Eastern Ontario. Farms and food operators appreciate the visitors who love and buy their products.

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