Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network / Réseau agroalimentaire de l'Est ontarien

New by-laws and New Board of Directors

On Dec 10th 2020, the annual general meeting of the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network reviewed and discussed the EOAN's strategy plan for 2021 and reviewed its financial results from 2019.

The members adopted a new set of corporate by-laws that govern internal operations and decision making. There are several major changes:

  • transition from a volunteer board where board members do most of the work to a governance board where board members make decisions and oversee operations while they hire an Executive Director to perform the work,
  • restructuring of the board to create four permanent board seats for the local municipal/territorial governments,
  • change of the language of operations from French to bilingual, and
  • clean up the by-laws to remove old transitional items from 10 years ago and remove the concept of shares.  

All the materials from the AGM including the minutes are available in the Members Zone.

At the same meeting, the AGM expressed thanks to outgoing board members Marcel Laviolette and Frederick Miner, along with outgoing Board advisors Geneviève Bougie, Mélissa Cardinal, and Catherine Labrèche. Seven Board members continue their current mandate or were re-elected to a new mandate. The EAON elected a new board member - Ron Brennan. 

Meet the EOAN Board of Directors