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Sample the East - Discovering Seasonal Routes

Welcome to Eastern Ontario

The "Sample the East - Discovering Seasonal Routes" program offers unique fun-filled day trips and weekend trips to discover the beauty, the flavours, and the hidden treasures of Eastern Ontario.

Eastern Ontario has the reputation of surprising folks that dare visitors to come and say hi. Filled with welcoming locals and growers, bountiful flavours, history, green spaces and innovative businesses, it promises to impress you. Grab the kids, pack the bags and come along our rural destinations to taste and explore the flavours and treasures of the East.

We will share several routes each season, putting forward people that work hard into making and offering amazing foods, as well as other activities to fill your day or weekend trips. We’ve done all the work for you! Simply download the trips directly to your phone (or print them) and buckle up. We can’t wait to meet you!

These trips are ideal for couples looking for a romantic weekend getaway, families hoping for a break in the routine as well as retired couples or groups of friends simply looking to create memories to last a lifetime and discover what Eastern Ontario has to offer!

Route 1 - Foodie on the River

Recommended travel dates: 3rd week of June to 1st week of July (for the love of strawberries).

Route Area: Iroquois and Morrisburg, Ontario

Quick route description: Are you looking to satisfy your thirst for both fresh air and amazing foods? We've got you! Located 1 hour from Ottawa, the villages of Morrisburg and Iroquois, nestled along the shores of the St. Lawrence River, offer a creamery, a winery and vineyard, the impressive Locks Gauging Station, Pick-Your-Own farms and many restaurants. Come taste the pride and love poured into these locally grown or crafted delicacies.

Ideal for young families looking to taste the best strawberries and appreciate fun outdoor activities, couples craving a COVID safe outing discovering amazing food and perhaps a water adventure on the Galop Canal, as well as retired folks looking to stroll along the St. Lawrence and meet the locals.

Route details.

More excursions will be added to the program over the coming weeks. Come back and visit us often. 

Some tips for a comfortable day.

  • These routes are suggested day and weekend trips, but the traveller is solely responsible for choosing the stops, making reservations, paying all purchases and fees, and respecting the rules of each site. 
  • Be sure to review each suggested stop as some places may require reservations.
  • Visit the website of each venue to verify their hours of operation, seasonal operations, accessibility, particular features and interests, and changing availability.
  • Bring water, a smile, and lots of appreciation for the beauty of eastern Ontario.
  • Please tell the operators of the venues that you visit how you found them, so that they will know that our program is working for them.

Archived routes

As this program is new, there are no archived excursions at this time.

These excursions are proudly developed by the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network to promote locally grown food and businesses!