Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network / Réseau agroalimentaire de l'Est ontarien

Affiliated Partners

The Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network collaborates extensively with many affiliated partners in the regional agri-food economy.

Such partners are other organizations and associations with whom the EOAN has a peer-to-peer membership or relationship. We share training events, collaborate on projects, perform joint promotions, offer joint services, and so on.

The EOAN encourages its members to directly join these organizations, as a peer-to-peer affiliation does not provide EOAN members with memberships in these organizations.

United Way East Ontario

Working with communities in Prescott-Russell, Ottawa, Lanark and Renfrew Counties, United Way East Ontario invests resources where they are needed most and will have the greatest impact. Through research, evaluation and partnerships with community experts, we identify the root causes of the biggest social challenges facing our communities and help find solutions that change tens of thousands of lives for the better. 100% of donations to United Way are put to work in the communities where they are raised to help those most in need.

Prescott-Russell Community Services
295 Main street West, suite B, Hawkesbury ON K6A 0B3; tel-613-632-0939

Involved in the community for the past 35 years, Prescott-Russell Community Services aims to provide services to individuals and groups who need help in coping and maintaining a healthy lifestyle within their community.

Canadian Organic Growers - GEO-O program
56 Sparks Street, Suite 600 Ottawa ON K1P 5B1; tel-613-216-0741
OFFICE@COG.CA; www.cog.ca/geo-o/

GEO-O stands for Growing Eastern Ontario Organically, a three-year, on-the-ground initiative to support farmers to transition to organic certification through mentorship, financial incentives, and on-site experiential learning. GEO-O builds on COG’s earlier Organic Success initiative to provide farmers much more in-person, on-site, and farmer-to-farmer training. GEO-O is a first of its kind experiential learning-centred approach in a specific region.

Kozroots Community Empowerment Projects
kozroots@gmail.com; KCEP on Facebook

Kozroots Community Empowerment Projects is a federally registered Non-Profit We collaborate with community stakeholders in order to engage & empower people to be part of agrifood and community projects. Kozroots Community Empowerment Projects works to create, oversee, fundraise, and develop projects, activities, and events that encourage social entrepreneurs, youth, farmers, businesses, not for profits agencies and organizations, as well as various levels of government to collaborate for the common good.

L’Union des cultivateurs franco-ontariens
75, rue St. John, Alfred ON K0B 1A0; tel-613-488-2929
info@ucfo.ca; ucfo.ca

L’Union des cultivateurs franco-ontariens (UCFO) regroupe des personnes et organisations engagées dans l’agriculture et le développement socioéconomique des communautés rurales francophones de l’Ontario. Devenir membre de l’UCFO c’est amplifier la voix des agriculteurs et des entreprises agricoles francophones en Ontario, et bâtir et intégrer un réseau de personnes résilientes, fières de son histoire et engagées dans un secteur économique indispensable.

Just Food
2391 Pepin Court, Ottawa ON K1B 4Z3; Tel 613-824-7771
info@justfood.ca; justfood.ca/

Just Food’s mission is to work towards vibrant, just and sustainable food and farming systems in the Ottawa region, to enhance ongoing access to healthful food, to promote sustainable agricultural systems, to strengthen the productive capacity of our local foodshed, to enhance community participation, economic development and resilience within local food chains, and to encourage diverse actors from all sectors to adopt a food systems lens.

Tel 514-750-7654
info@terego.ca; www.terego.ca/en/

As an agri-tourism endeavour, Terego promotes local food producers or heritage sites in Central and Eastern Canada that would like to offer parking for motorhomes and trailers at no charge, with a limit of 5 RV parking spaces on each site. The result is a personal contact between the hosts, the visitors, and the environment. Hosts do not pay to be members of Terego. Travellers subscribe to the service and reserve RV parking spaces in advance. The hosts benefit from the sale of farm products and potentiel long term customer relationship.

Sentier Récréatif Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail
C.P. 304, 59 rue Court, L’Orignal, ON K0B 1K0
Tel 514-750-7654
sentiertrail@prescott-russell.on.ca; www.sentierprtrail.com

Discover the beautiful region of Prescott-Russell, on foot or by bike ! Our Cycling Network offers kilometers of country roads and paved shoulders. Located mid-way between the Greater Montreal Area and Ottawa, the Recreational Trail, easily accessible and fairly flat, our stone dust trail a 72-km, lends itself to a great family outing, free of car traffic. Visit and stay awhile! The Recreational Trail Corporation aims to promote the safe enjoyment of a variety of recreational tourist activities while protecting the region’s environmental resources and cultural heritage.

Boisés Est
L’Association française des propriétaires de boisés privés de l’Est de l’Ontario
1100, concession 3, Plantagenet ON K0B 1L0; tél. 613-673-3089
info@boisesest.ca; www.boisesest.ca

Boisés Est encourages the sustainable use of the forest in accordance with social, economic and environmental criteria by promoting balanced management of the woodlots of its members, and by promoting the forest to the community. Generally considered to be an agricultural activity, tree and forest management offers access to a long list of well-known or to be discovered food products (maple syrup, nuts, mushrooms, etc.) which will have their place on the tables of tomorrow's consumers.

Eastern Ontario Wine Producers Association
President - Paul LeBlanc; tél. 613-294-0499
smokie@smokiesgrapes.com; www.easternontariowines.com

Within a short drive from Ottawa, you will find a community of artisans obsessed with producing the highest quality wines, ciders, and meads that express the character of their land. For all of them their ability to deliver product is the culmination of a long road of planning and hard work which they all invite you to share and enjoy. The Eastern Ontario Wine Producers Association is an alliance of wine, grape, cider, apple, mead and honey producers dedicated to increasing awareness of their wonderful and distinctive products to the Ontario Market and beyond.