Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network / Réseau agroalimentaire de l'Est ontarien

Broue & Chew Road Trip

The Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network financially supported the United Counties of Prescott-Russell in the production of the BROUE & CHEW ROAD TRIP. The EOAN continues to promote the Broue & Chew Road Trip at every opportunity.

Discover Prescott and Russell’s agri-food route and indulge in the variety of local products grown and prepared by local artisans. Follow the routes outlined on the map, or simply follow your taste buds. BROUE & CHEW, for authentic local food and drinks!

Prescott and Russell, with its country character and natural assets, is a great place to get away from it all. This bilingual welcoming region will charm you. Located halfway between Montreal and Ottawa, it is known for its agritourism, its majestic Larose Forest, the Popsilos circuit, not to mention the Calypso Water Park. Make a detour to our region and discover the BROUE & CHEW ROAD TRIP.

This photo of a popsilo is courtesy of Vankleek Hill Vineyard.

The Gourmet

Savour the charm of this historic countryside village. Vankleek Hill and its surroundings are filled with local products, to be discovered slowly in an enchanting setting.

  1. Garden Path Homemade Soap
  2. Vankleek Hill Vineyard
  3. Les Fruits du Poirier
  4. Beau’s Brewing Co.
  5. Sarah Cole Cider
  6. Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market
  7. Vert Fourchette
  8. Aventure Ferme Ouimet Farms Adventure

The Brewers

Start a refreshing tour, rich in flavours and diversity! The thirst to discover our artisans, one drop at a time!

  1. Vankleek Hill Vineyard
  2. Beau’s Brewing Co.
  3. Sarah Cole Cider
  4. Microbrasserie Cassel Brewery
  5. Brasserie Étienne Brûlé
  6. Brasserie Tuque de Broue Brewery Inc.
  7. Broken Stick Brewing Company
  8. Brauwerk Hoffman Rockland
  9. Les Vergers Villeneuve and Blueberry Farm