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Les fruits du Poirier is a family farm that specializes in growing small berries and prepared directly on site our local products. In season, you can come and pick your favorite berries such as haskap, raspberries, gooseberry, currants, table grapes and nordic kiwi.

Availability is from May to end of September, disponibilité à partir du mois de mai à la fin septembre.

We are fluent in French and English. We are located one hour from Montréal and Ottawa.

We have two trailers campers with all the facility for the accommodation, we are expecting 24 to 28 hours per week to help us at different task on the farm. Hours are flexibles and depend on the weather.

Les fruits du Poirier
2535 conc 3
St-Eugène, ON
K0B 1P0
Ferme: 613-402-3599
Portable 514-792-3599