Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network / Réseau agroalimentaire de l'Est ontarien

Local Food Hubs in Eastern Ontario

Food producers in Eastern Ontario often work together, co-market, distribute, and re-sell each other's products. It is a great way for consumers to find a wider range of local products in one location, for small producers to find another channel to market, and for larger producers to expand their offering with other  local products and be more attractive to customers. 

Members of the EOAN and other food and beverage operators are invited to reach out to these leaders who are offering the following initiatives, to join their activity, and develop your own business by working with them.

Les Fruits du Poirier" in St-Eugène operates a mixed orchard and fruit farm, an inspected kitchen to produce value added products from crops, and a retail store to sell his products. Robert Poirier is looking for other local products from fellow producers to stock his store.

Discover their local permaculture farm where they grow a variety of therapeutical superfruit that you cannot find in your local grocery store. Their organically-driven farm has lots of activities to choose from including pick-your-own fruits.

Fiat Farm in Russell is a local and sustainable food source for our community. It is also a place that fosters collaboration and authentic connection.

Fiat Farm hosts a Spring farm Bazaar and a Fall Harvest Celebration. They invite local farmers and artisanal vendors who value community and sustainability to join them for the celebrations, sell to the public, and build your respective business.

Tom's Pantry is a good food destination in Alexandria: organic authentic sourdough, full service bakery, prepared foods, community café, bulk retail of ingredients, and a community market with a local produce, artisanal prepared ​foods, organic and niche food products from Canada and beyond. Find your baking supplies at Tom's Pantry, and place your products at Tom's Pantry for retail sales. Buy wholesale breads and baked goods from Tom's Pantry to sell at your location or include in your CSA basket.

Full Bellies, located in St-Isidore, is a consumer purchasing club whereby volunteer leaders and helpers source foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, from local growers, local producers and wholesale suppliers at wholesale prices to provide club members with fresh nutritious foods at very affordable prices.

Full Bellies is interested in forward contracts with farmers and producers to produce enough for foreseeable purchases during the coming year. Full Bellies will commit to purchasing from the vendors in accordance with the contracts, and (in the case of outdoor crops) will accept as little or as much that they produce within the forecasted volume, and then use the wholesalers and spot purchases as the backup.

The Mariposa Farm in Plantagenet is a mixed farm that specializes in the production of ducks, geese and pork. On a smaller scale, the farm also produces vegetables, beef, eggs and flowers. In addition to offering its Mariposa ducks, geese, pork and vegetables, they offer a wide selection of top-quality food produced locally on a small-scale by passionate farmers and entrepreneurs.

Hidden Trails Farm in Rockland is a happy producer and distributor of fresh wholesome regenerative local meats, produce and food products. All animals are rotationally grazed on pasture or in the forest and fed organic feed.

Hidden Trails Farm operates a small scale organic farm doing door-to-door deliveries weekly across Rockland and Ottawa while carrying an array of products from other local producers.

Cornerstone Organics in Long Sault is a producer and distributor of locally-grown, organic food. They deliver vegetables to 30 CSA members once per week. It now has three greenhouses. They sell vegetable seedlings in the spring, produce all summer long, and apples from the orchard in the fall, plus teas, garlic and their own honey.

In 2020, they opened an online hub for local vendors with the ability to deliver vegetables to customers and offer amazing local products from all over SDG.