Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network / Réseau agroalimentaire de l'Est ontarien

Eastern Ontario Local Food Portal


Consumers will find your e-store by any of these methods:

  1. Visit your branded e-store on Local Line directly with a URL (internet link) that you will publicize on your website, business card, or social media. See this example. You do not even need your own website.
  2. Find and purchase your products on your website because you embedded the Local Line e-store into your website.
  3. Visit the EOAN Portal to find all the vendors and farmers' markets participating in the Portal. See the Portal here

The Portal welcomes three types of participants with the following fee structure:

  • Regular vendors can welcome customers directly to their e-store outside the Portal, in their e-store imbedded in their website, and among other vendors on the Portal as explained above. This method provides the vendor with the most flexibility and visibility. The fee is only $145 plus HST for six months ($24.17 per month). Many other e-commerce services cost in the range of $30-$60 per month with no marketing support.
  • Casual vendors can only welcome customers along with other vendors on the Portal, but not directly to their e-store outside the Portal, nor with an embedded e-store on their website. There is no fixed fee and the vendor pays 4% of sales that come through the Portal. This is intended for:
    • vendors that already use some other e-commerce service but that still want visibility on the Portal to extend their market reach, and
    • small vendors who are new to e-commerce and do not want to commit to a fixed fee. 
  • Farmers' Markets operate an e-market on the Portal to help the farmers' market provide public access to their vendors. The service is free for the farmers' markets. Vendors have to subscribe to the Portal (regular or occasional vendor) but there is no extra fee for vendors to participate in multiple e-markets. See this farmers' market example here.

The Eastern Ontario Local Food Portal is supported by funding from the United Counties of Prescott-Russell, the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry, the City of Cornwall, and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs.

The Local Food Portal is now accepting renewals and new registrations for the semester of May 2022 to October 2022.





Your own e-store!

  • Your own branded e-store with Local Line, adapted to local food and farming.
  • A unique link to your e-store to share with your customers (see this example).
  • The option to Imbed your e-store into your private website.
  • Free website hosting on Local Line with your own domain name (see this example).

Collaborative marketing!

Lots of market visibility!

  • Unlimited e-markets and catalogues within the scope of the program.
  • Significant visibility and traffic in a regional food brand.
  • Community fundraising programs, wholesale markets, and institutional markets.

Training and Support!

  • E-store activation, vendor onboarding, tutorials, and technical support by Local Line.
  • General training and support by the EOAN in e-marketing and regulatory compliance.
  • Assistance from the EOAN to create your e-store.

You already use an e-commerce service?

  • You have a two options:
  1. Be a regular vendor on the Portal ($95 for 6 months), either switch your e-commerce operations over to the EOAN Local Food Portal or operate an e-store on the Portal in parallel to your current e-commerce platform; or
  2. be a casual vendor on the Portal with no fixed fees and pay only 7% of sales on the Portal, and customers will find you on the Portal but cannot access your store directly outside the Portal.

Affordable and easy!

  • Either one small payment of $145 plus HST for six months as a regular vendor. The EOAN Portal is as low as $24 per month. Many other e-commerce services cost in the range of $30-$60 per month with no marketing support.
  • Or pay as you go as a casual vendor (4% of sales on the Portal, billed quarterly).
  • Keep your e-store, but turn it off in your off-season, with no fees.



We bring an e-market capacity to the fantastic farmers' markets in our region.

Pre-browse, pre-order, pre-pay, pickup at the market table or the vendor's booth.

A pool of vendors to draw upon to join your market.

Local support to help you, your vendors, and your customers use the program.

Advertising and promotion in eastern Ontario to drive traffic to your market.

No charge to your market and vendors have to join the Portal.