Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network / Réseau agroalimentaire de l'Est ontarien

Upcoming Events

Join the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network for the following upcoming events.

The Cornwall Waterfront Farmers' Market will host the 2021 Eastern Ontario Garlic Market as a special theme day on Sunday September 26. On this day, the delightful aroma of garlic will be in the air and ready to bring your taste buds to life! This themed day will feature all of our regular CWFM vendors, along with garlic growers from across the region, food producers of garlic products, and chefs cooking up local food to create delicious garlic-based meals.

The 30th annual Apples & Art Studio Tour is scheduled for September 25th and 26th 2021 in SDG and Cornwall. In 2021, the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network joins the venture to put local flavours into the Tour. Discover local talented artists along with farms, orchards, and food & beverage artisans. Add smell and taste opportunities to the senses of touch and sight that our local artists will certainly deliver.

Fiat Farm Events. We were made for relationship, and it is within relationship that we thrive. The Fiat Farm family loves hosting community farm experiences and workshops to connect people more closely to creation and to one another. The nextevent is on Dec 11th. By inviting other people and businesses to collaborate with us on these events, we showcase the great talent and creativity found within our community. Come experience the abundance!

Through webinars, agri-training opportunities and virtual career fairs, Feeding Your Future allows candidates to learn more about agriculture, enter the workforce feeling prepared and confident and bridges the gap to new employers and job opportunities.

Past Training Events

If you missed these past events, members of the EOAN can write to the Executice Director and ask for the link to the online recording of the event.