Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network / Réseau agroalimentaire de l'Est ontarien

How Co-Marketing Works

The Co-Marketing Program of the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network enables farmers, food & beverage producers, and buyers to work together, co-market, or purchase each others products. The program communicates initiatives and invitations that are launched by members so that other members can join them. 

Here are examples of co-marketing activities:

  • A farm/food/beverage business wishes to hand out coupons from other businesses as they sell their product or CSA subscriptions. 
  • An on-farm market, community market, or retail store is looking for farmers and food/beverage producers to place their products in the store. 
  • A food service company, restaurant, institutional buyer is looking for local suppliers of foods, ingredients, and beverages. 
  • A farm or business is holding a special event, on-farm bazaar, field-to-fork feast, or special market and is inviting other businesses to join them and place a booth to sell products at the event. 

Here is how it works...

  • A business leads or initiates a co-marketing activity and wishes to reach out to other farmers and food producers to join them.
  • The leading business must be a member of the EOAN.
  • The leading business writes to the Executive Director of the EOAN to submit their initiative with all the details and criteria. 
  • The EOAN screens, approves, and promotes the co-marketing activity on this website, in its newsletters, and on its Facebook page.
  • Other businesses respond to the invitation and contact the leading business directly.
  • The leading business is encouraged (not required) to give priority or exclusivity to EOAN members in their co-marketing activity. 
  • The EOAN acts as a promotional vehicle for the co-marketing initiatives and leaves all the details, obligations, negotiations, and arrangements to the leading and participating businesses.