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Collective Marketing Programs

The EOAN offers a full suite of regional marketing programs to suite your needs:

Business Stamps

EOAN members Sylviane and Emeric from Ferme Butte & Bine in Williamstown launched their on-farm bakery business with paper bags and boxes. That begs the question: how can you afford the large orders of custom-printed bags and boxes? Their answer was to buy plain bags and boxes and use an ink stamp. 

You have to admit that their packaging looks very nice, with a simple black stamp placed at variable locations on the bags and boxes. Many other producers have asked about the source of the stamps, so they are happy to share the information.

Emily is from Hammond/Bourget and she started her own business. "We are very satisfied! She was less expensive than others, and she has personal relations in the local farm sector. Bram D'Hoest Wood Work produces a professionally cut stamp, often for larger models. He's a local artist and woodworker based in Smith Falls.

Nutritional Labels

Emeric Delage from Ferme Butte & Bine shares his experience with nutrition labels on his food products. “Having a kitchen approved by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit and selling some of our products to businesses, we very quickly needed nutrition labels."

“After doing some research, the website https://labelify.ca seemed like the most affordable and easiest to use. The monthly fee is $50 and there is the possibility of cancellation at any time."

"Following the creation of the account, which is instantaneous, you only need to enter your recipes. The service has a large database of ingredients, and it is also possible to add more, then the nutritional values are immediately calculated. You can even have a bilingual label and add the list of ingredients below the nutrition table, which avoids having multiple labels."

"To minimize our costs, we simply print these labels on an Avery blank adhesive page, but we are currently trying to find a local printer for a more professional result. There you have it, and it’s easier than you could imagine."

Inspected Kitchens

Farms may sell many of their own products, especially fruits and vegetables, directly to the public at any location. Meat, dairy, and eggs have special regulations and procedures. Prepared and processed foods may only be sold to the public if they are prepared in an inspected kitchen, except that they may be sold without inspection at an accredited farmers market. Read more at the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.  

Online Business Tools

There are lots of tools are available to food operators over the Internet.