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Sample the East - Discovering Seasonal Routes

Welcome to Eastern Ontario

The "Sample the East - Discovering Seasonal Routes" program offers unique fun-filled day trips and weekend trips to discover the beauty, the flavours, and the hidden treasures of Eastern Ontario.

Eastern Ontario has the reputation of surprising folks that dare visit to come and say hi. Filled with welcoming locals and growers, bountiful flavours, history, green spaces and innovative businesses, it promises to impress you. Grab the kids, pack the bags and come along our rural destinations to taste and explore the flavours and treasures of the East.

We will share several routes each season, putting forward people that work hard into making and offering amazing foods, as well as other activities to fill your day or weekend trips. We’ve done all the work for you! Simply download the trips directly to your phone (or print them) and buckle up. We can’t wait to meet you!

These trips are ideal for couples looking for a romantic weekend getaway, families hoping for a break in the routine as well as retired couples or groups of friends simply looking to create memories to last a lifetime and discover what Eastern Ontario has to offer!


Route 10 - Celebrating the end of Harvesting Season

Recommended travel dates: the months of September and October.

Travel area: This route starts in Cumberland and proceeds to Plantagenet, through Clarence-Rockland and St-Pascal Baylon.

Quick route description: Summer is coming to an end, but the arrival of autumn and its flamboyant colors bring a breath of fresh air to the Eastern Ontario landscape. In September and October, we give way to the joys and small pleasures of life. Celebrating the richness of the land means meeting passionate producers and tasting local flavours. It means taking the time to admire the changing scenery of nature and enjoying a good meal with your family. It's also taking the time to slow down and rest in a cozy cabin.

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Route 9 - Enjoying the Flavours of Summer

Recommended travel dates: the months of June, July, and August.

Travel area: This route starts in Avonmore and will take you to Cornwall, in Eastern Ontario.

Quick route description: The summer season is often a time for sunshine, vacations and drinks on the patio. It's also the perfect time to venture out into the unknown, discover local producers, visit outdoor markets, and taste new flavours.

Take a bite out of summer; it's only just getting started! A multitude of places, each as unique as the next, await you. From harvesting blueberries to tasting local products in a market, as well as visiting a zero-waste store, there are plenty of choices to make this getaway a memorable one.

This route is as much for families as for couples looking to make some discoveries. Those who appreciate life's little pleasures and want to take full advantage of every moment will be delighted by the stops that await them.

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Route 8 - Celebrating the Sugar Season

Recommended travel dates: the months of March and April.

Travel area: This route starts in Fournier and will take you to Moose Creek, Maxville, Finch, Embrun, Crysler, and Chesterville in Eastern Ontario.

Quick route description: Spring is sugar shack season and delicious maple syrup is in the spotlight in all its facets. For this occasion, we invite you to attend Maple Weekend, an annual event that brings together the best maple syrup producers in Ontario.

After visiting a sugar shack, the journey continues with the discovery of products that will make you want to treat yourself! From a honey house to a microbrewery, passing by a local market and a reputed restaurant, this escapade promises to be a gourmet one! In between bites, we also suggest places where you can stroll to enjoy the warming weather.

The discoveries suggested along this route will particularly please food lovers and those with a sweet tooth. Whether you visit with your family, friends or as a couple, this route promises to please everyone! Bon appétit!

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Route 7 - A Romantic Winter Getaway

Recommended travel dates: the months of February and March.

Travel area: This route starts in Vankleek Hill and will take you to L'Orignal, Moose Creek, Avonmore and Casselman, Ontario.

Quick route description: We enjoy discovering the joys of winter through a series of outdoor activities and comforting gourmet delights. With Valentine's Day approaching, it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy a romantic getaway through the snowy landscape of Eastern Ontario.

From Vankleek Hill to Casselman, our route will have you falling under the spell of local producers who are proud to contribute, in their own way, to the region's offerings. It will then invite you to enjoy the outdoors by skating or snowshoeing, before tasting the local flavours and spending the night in one of the warmest places.

This trip is for the curious as well as for sports enthusiasts and foodies. Local shopping, outdoor activities and gastronomy lovers will be delighted by the various stops along the way, making this romantic getaway an unforgettable experience. Enjoy your discovery!

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Route 6 - It Looks a Lot Like Christmas

Recommended travel dates: November and December.

Travel area: This route will takes you through Rockland, Cumberland, Hammond, and Sarsfield, Ontario.

Quick route description: Crisp fall days are here but you can still enjoy a hike and green space with a warm seasonal beverage in hand. Book a stay at a new eco resort, next to a brewery and enjoy a farm to table meal at Cumberland's newest restaurant, we call this a pretty good weekend!

On the drive from Clarence-Rockland to Cumberland and Orléans, you can discover many notable towns and historic buildings. Our tour focuses on Clarence-Rockland and the surrounding areas. Clarence-Rockland is home to many heritage buildings including the town hall built in 1905 as a high school and Très-Sainte-Trinité church dating back to 1917 on the site where two other churches previously burned down. We also have great suggestions to treat your loved ones to locally crafted gifts this holiday season.

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Route 5 - Smell of Pumpkins and Cozy Vibes

Recommended travel dates: October.

Travel area: Avonmore, Winchester, Moose Creek, Casselman, and Cannamore, Ontario.

Quick route description: From the distinct taste of a pumpkin spice latte to the coziness of experiencing the turning colours of the season, the beauty and slower pace of fall provides ample opportunities to discover and explore. This route will take you to several charming small villages of Stormont and Russell counties to pick your own pumpkins, meet some local vendors and their amazing produce, as well as frighten you just a tad...it is Halloween, after all!

This trip tailors to: Weekend day trippers who enjoy crisp air, pumpkin spice and fall colors. Harvest season is well underway and the time is just right for couples and families who love picking pumpkins and meeting some local vendors along the way. Throw on your matching outfits and display your best smiles as we know you might just find some perfect family (couple and friends too!) photo opportunities along this route. Let’s go!

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Route 4 - A Walk in the Park

Recommended travel dates: September with some activities running into October (weather permitting).

Travel area: Cornwall and surroundings, Ontario.

Quick route description: Running along the shoreline of the Saint-Lawrence River in downtown Cornwall, Lamoureux Park is bustling with activities. Locals go to hike, cycle or fish and tourists visit to enjoy the waterfront view and attractions. The city's most popular park is gorgeous any time of the year but especially as the season switches and the leaves start changing colour. The park is packed with attractions for you and your family to enjoy.

This tourist circuit invites you to swing into a new season, to take in the fall colours on the drive to the Apples and Art Studio Tour and to get Cornwall's unofficial dish: pizza if you feel like it.

Art lovers will rejoice with this route boasting with arts of all types. Bring your friends and family along for a nice stroll along the Lamoureux Park and enjoy the changing of seasons to maximize your outdoor exposure.

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Route 3 - Summertime in Cornwall

Recommended travel dates: from August to end of October.

Travel area: Cornwall and surroundings, Ontario.

Quick route description: Cornwall is one of Ontario's oldest communities and a historical gem. You can tour the Cornwall Museum, Historic SDG Jail, take the historic walking tour along Cornwall's waterfront, and visit Lamoureux Park which offers scenic views of the Saint-Lawrence River and Cornwall Island.

Cornwall is also becoming a food destination as the agri-tourism sector is growing quickly in the region. Tracing its roots back to 1784, Cornwall retains the charm of small-town life. Nature lovers as well as arts and culture buffs will appreciate the area.

Calling all history and art lovers! This route found the sweet spot between old and new with loads of culture and history, along with the ability to create new art and explore with colors. Of course, we included some sweet treats and some of the best foods Cornwall has to offer. Hop on and enjoy the beautiful views of the Saint-Lawrence River.

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Route 2 - Small Town Charm

Recommended travel dates: the month of July and August.

Travel area: Vankleek Hill and surroundings, Ontario.

Quick route description: Come for the beautiful architecture of the historical houses, stay for the artisan food and drinks, to visit the farmers’ market, to pick your own fruits and the fun-filled activities with friends, your better half or the family!

Vankleek Hill is a go-to location with its award winning brewery, Beau's All Natural Brewing Co., host of the Oktoberfest with an attendance of 20 000, its own museum, numerous heritage buildings, the Higginson observation tower, coffee shops, and the art mural.

This trip is perfect for history and architecture lovers looking to admire the unique charm of Vankleek Hill, and for beer and food lovers that are after interesting local flavours. It’s also the perfect outing for families looking to hit the beach and enjoy the several activities Voyageur Provincial Park has to offer.

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Route 1 - Foodie on the River

Recommended travel dates: 2nd week of June to early July for strawberries, end of July for raspberries), all summer for veggies, and the fall for the apple season.

Travel area: Iroquois and Morrisburg, Ontario.

Quick route description: Are you looking to satisfy your thirst for both fresh air and amazing foods? We've got you! Located 1 hour from Ottawa, the villages of Morrisburg and Iroquois, nestled along the shores of the St. Lawrence River, offer a creamery, a winery and vineyard, the impressive Locks Gauging Station, Pick-Your-Own farms and many restaurants. Come taste the pride and love poured into these locally grown or crafted delicacies.

Ideal for young families looking to taste the best strawberries and appreciate fun outdoor activities, couples craving a COVID-19 safe outing discovering amazing food and perhaps a water adventure on the Galop Canal, as well as retired folks looking to stroll along the St. Lawrence and meet the locals.

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More routes will be added to the program over the coming weeks. Come back and visit us often. 


Are you travelling by RV, either alone or as a group? Please consider this partial listing of RV campsites in Eastern Ontario. The EOAN offers this list for information as a courtesy only. The EOAN does guarantee the thoroughness or the accuracy of the information, and does not particularly endorse any of the campsites.

Some tips for a comfortable day.

  • These routes are suggested day and weekend trips, but the traveller is solely responsible for choosing the stops, making reservations, paying all purchases and fees, and respecting the rules of each site. 
  • Be sure to review each suggested stop as some places may require reservations.
  • Visit the website of each venue to verify their hours of operation, seasonal operations, accessibility, particular features and interests, and changing availability.
  • Bring water, a smile, and lots of appreciation for the beauty of Eastern Ontario.
  • Please tell the operators of the venues that you visit how you found them, so that they will know that our program is working for them.

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