Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network / Réseau agroalimentaire de l'Est ontarien

Shop Local in Eastern Ontario

Local Food Portal

Welcome to the Eastern Ontario Local Food Portal, your discovery of the wonderful flavours and the great farmers and food artisans in Eastern Ontario. The Local Food Portal welcomes consumers, retailers, restaurants, and other wholesale markets to shop locally in Eastern Ontario. 

Sign into the Portal now to discover and purchase local food. The Portal is welcoming new vendors over the coming weeks and months, so come back often. We invite vendors (farmers and original food and beverage producers) to join the portal to expand your business and serve your existing customers. 

Sample the East

"Sample the East - Discovering Seasonal Routes" is a series of curated single and multi-day trips to attract local and distant visitors to our region. Each route is very localized with venues within a few minutes of each other. The routes highlight foods and beverages along with outdoor adventures, arts, restaurants, and accommodations to make each trip unique and memorable. Local and distant visitors will appreciate the suggestions that we have put forward to savour the local flavours, discover hidden gems, and connect with our people in eastern Ontario.

The Benefits of Local Food

Shopping locally, especially for food and beverage does wonders. Discover the great food and beverages, the unique flavours, and the beautiful people behind it all.

Buying local food builds the local economy for mutual prosperity. It supports small scale family farms and food artisans. It grounds you in local identity and flavours. It creates bonds and relationships between producers and consumers.

Learn more about the benefits of a local food economy.

According to CBC Ottawa, local growers say they're anticipating even more demand for their products this season, as the pandemic continues to influence people's buying and eating habits. (Photo courtesy of Leela Ramachandran and CBC Ottawa.)

The Map of Local Food in Eastern Ontario

Find your local farmer and food artisan on the food asset map for eastern Ontario. They are all open for direct sales to consumers. Some vendors sell at other retail locations and/or local farmers markets. Some vendors will deliver to your home. Some farms offer venues for special events.

Local Food Markets

Meet the farmers and food artisans at central locations such as farmers' markets and other public markets.

Visit the many markets that remain open for the fall and winter:

Check out the many seasonal markets that have special Christmas markets this fall.

Broue & Chew Road Trip

Discover Prescott and Russell’s agri-food route and indulge in the variety of local products grown and prepared by local artisans. Follow the routes outlined on the map, or simply follow your taste buds. BROUE & CHEW, for authentic local food and drinks!

Local Food Counters

Look for these dedicated local food counters at selected retail outlets in the region: