Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network / Réseau agroalimentaire de l'Est ontarien

Terego in Eastern Ontario

Welcome to the world of RVs and agri-tourism. Visitors enjoy the people, the tastes and the views of Eastern Ontario. Farms and food operators appreciate the visitors who love and buy their products.

As an agri-tourism endeavour, Terego promotes local food producers or heritage sites in Central and Eastern Canada that would like to offer parking for motorhomes and trailers at no charge, with a limit of 5 RV parking spaces on each site. The result is a personal contact between the hosts, the visitors, and the environment.

Hosts are farms and heritage sites that do not pay to be members of Terego. Travellers subscribe to the service and reserve RV parking spaces in advance. The hosts benefit from the sale of farm products and potential long term customer relationships.

It looks like farms and travellers in Eastern Ontario had a great time at this special Terego event in the region on July 13-14 2019. And there are many photos of the event on Facebook

Join or visit the many Terego hosts in Eastern Ontario