Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network / Réseau agroalimentaire de l'Est ontarien

Vendor Resources

Q: I'm a food producer or processor. How do I promote my business?

A: Become a member of the EOAFN and list your business on our regional food asset map.

Q: Do I need an inspected kitchen to offer prepared foods?

A: Farms may sell many of their own products, especially fruits and vegetables directly to the public. Meat, dairy, and eggs have special procedures. Prepared foods may only be sold to the public if they are prepared in an inspected kitchen, expect that they may be sold uninspected at an accredited farmers market. Read more at the Eastern Ontario Health Unit

Q: Where can I sell my local food?

A: There are several farmers markets for farms and uninspected food artisans in our region. Find them on the regional food map using the filter "Farmers Markets". The Vankleek Hill Farmers Market operates year round. Read more here - https://vankleekhillfarmersmarket.ca/

Q: How can I operate my own online store?

A: We recommend that you select the services the Eastern Ontario Local Food Portal, the specialist in online food marketing.