Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network / Réseau agroalimentaire de l'Est ontarien

Interactive Videoconference Marketing

The Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network holds a corporate subscription to the Zoom videoconference service. The service is used for EOAN business and interests. It is the EOAN's business and interest that members of the EOAN promote and market their products using interactive videoconference events.

Therefore, the EOAN shares its interactive videoconference platform with its members. There is no charge to use the platform. There is a simple condition, that the platform be used uniquely to promote and market local food and beverage products by EOAN members, or agri-tourism, or planning activities directly related to such promotion and marketing. The service is not available for internal business use, personal use, or family use by the members. 

There are plenty of innovative ideas for interactive video promotion and marketing:

  • wine and cheese tastings to promote your products,
  • open house, farm tour, business tour,
  • customer appreciation events,
  • product launch or discovery events,
  • customer education about your business or products,
  • cooking demonstrations,
  • presentations on agritourism opportunities on the region,
  • team meetings to develop events that support any of the above,
  • and many more ideas.

You could choose a free videoconference platform such as Google Meets or Messenger Video. But Zoom is a paid service and excels in terms of video quality, features, scheduling, and the capacity of the meeting manager to manage admission to the meeting. And the EOAN Zoom subscription is free to EOAN members. 

Here is the process to reserve a Zoom meeting with the EOAN:

  • Complete this registration form and answer all the questions.
  • The Executive Director of the EOAN will book the Zoom meeting and send you the Zoom details. 
  • You will share the Zoom details with your audience. 
  • The Executive Director will open the Zoom meeting at 10 minutes before the start time. You will also join the meeting early to review the operation of the Zoom platform. 
  • The Executive Director will transfer control of the Zoom meeting to you and show you how to allow guests into the meeting.
  • The Executive Director will leave the meeting and let you admit guests and run your event. 
  • You will close the meeting when you are finished, and email a summary report of the results of the meeting to the Executive Director.

Enjoy your interactive video marketing event.