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Virtual Farmers Market FAQ


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local Line?

Local Line is software developed in Canada for food producers, farmers markets and food hubs. It is designed to process online sales, manage inventory, organize deliveries, and manage customers.

For more information, visit

How many vendors can the market accommodate?

Our agreement with Local Line includes licences for up to 100 vendors. This will be adjusted on a quarterly basis as needed. Should the need for additional licences arise, our agreement can be amended sooner.

How will vendors register for the market?

A subscription option will be added to our website at When we begin accepting payments, the option for a recurring charge of $30/month will be presented.

When will the market be open to the public?

Our target launch date is June 11. This may be subject to change based on how long it takes to ensure all vendors are added to the platform and things are running smoothly.

Will ongoing support be provided to vendors?

Yes. Local Line Online will be available for ongoing platform support. EOAFN is also seeking to hire a part-time market coordinator / administrator to act as a point of contact for vendors. Additionally, we will develop training for the platform to ensure it is accessible to all.

Can you explain the single checkout feature?

Local Line is a platform designed to allow a single electronic checkout for multiple vendor purchases. The checkout process automatically separates orders by vendor and automatically divides the revenue for immediate submission to each vendor.

Do vendors manage their own storefront?

Yes. Vendors will have full control over their inventory, weights, prices, minimum order, payment methods and delivery methods. They will also have the option of describing their enterprise, adding pictures, and linking to their own website.

What if a vendor does not want to accept electronic payment?

Electronic payment will ensure a simple checkout process for customers and provides the vendor security in knowing that the product being delivered has already been paid for. While we would like to encourage this, vendors are in full control over the payment and delivery methods that they choose. Cash on delivery can certainly be selected, but we recommend that you practice safe handling procedures when collecting cash at farm gate or home delivery.

Distribution points are not likely to handle cash at this time.

How will products reach the consumer?

Vendors are in full control of this feature. Options will include on farm pick up, home delivery or delivery to one of our subscribed distribution points.

What are the distribution points?

Distribution points are local businesses and organizations that wish to provide space for the delivery of products by the vendor and subsequent pick up by the consumer.

These distribution points can set their policies, fees, dates, and times of distribution. Vendors can subscribe to a distribution point which will add a pickup option for the consumer to choose.

Vendors will be notified first when a new distribution point is added. 

How many distribution points do you envision?

We anticipate approximately 15 distribution points across Cornwall, S,D&G and PR. This number will fluctuate as interest grows and standards are set.

Will the market be open 24/7?

While the market will always be open for orders, there will be inherent order deadlines based on vendor and distribution point policy. As the market develops over time, these policies are likely to adapt to vendor and consumer demand.

Vendors may open and close their shop for business at any time. 

How will the Virtual Farmers Market work with live markets?

Live farmers markets will always remain a foundational component of our local food system. We fully intend to collaborate with market coordinators in our region with the goal of cross promoting markets and vendors.

We also invite live markets to participate as distribution points, facilitating the purchase of goods for consumers wanting to visit a nearby market.

Will the market be insured?

As we are not operating in a physical capacity, this market will not be traditionally insured. Instead, we are relying on vendors to obtain the appropriate insurance for their enterprise and to inform their insurance providers of their sales and distribution channels.

Will the market be working with the Eastern Ontario Health Unit?

We will inform the EOHU of the Virtual Farmers Market and ensure that an up-to-date list of vendors and distribution points is provided as needed.

Will the Virtual Farmers Market be registered with Farmers Markets Ontario?

We fully intend to seek recognition with FMO as a registered market. This will likely require some adaptation of policies. We will keep our network informed as we move forward with this initiative.

How can vendors direct consumers to the market?

Either a link or the store itself can be embedded into any web page. Support will be provided to vendors wishing to integrate their Virtual Farmers Market storefront into their own website.

Where will the Virtual Farmers Market be located?

Once it is launch, the market will be embedded on the front page of A direct link to the store will be available as well. 

Who will be the key stakeholders in this project?

In addition to producers, consumers, distribution points and farmers markets, key stakeholders include the City of Cornwall, The Counties of S,D&G and Prescott-Russell. Our list of partners is growing.

How can I stay up to date or receive additional information?

For additional information, reach out to Alain D’Aoust, coordinator for the EOAN at

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