Virtual Farmers Market Membership (Free until September 2020)

Virtual Farmers Market Membership (Free until September 2020)

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Note: Due to a high demand, registration is TEMPORARILY CLOSED. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to

Now more than ever, consumers are seeking alternative methods for the purchase and distribution of their food. To move forward, a collaborative approach is needed to ensure that our local food sector remains strong, adaptable, and resilient in these uncertain times.

The Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network is spearheading a Virtual Farmers Market as a collaboration between the United Counties of Prescott Russell, S,D&G and the City of Cornwall in order to serve producers in each of these regions. The Market will provide a direct-to-consumer sales platform that will allow vendors to easily sell local food products online while participating in cooperative marketing efforts.

In partnership with the Local Line platform ( vendors will receive the following benefits as members of the Virtual Farmers Market:

  • Full control of products and associated prices
  • Full control over delivery and pick up options
  • Access to ongoing training and support for the platform
  • Part of collaborative marketing efforts to promote the market

The market will be open 24/7 while allowing vendors to open or close their shops at will. 

Delivery and pick up policies can be customized by each vendor. At this time, we encourage a no contact protocol. 

We will continue to establish physical distribution points through the life of this market. This will provide the option for vendors to partner with local businesses and organizations to drop off orders for pickup by customers at centralized locations. Customers will have the ability to shop among vendors who support their chosen delivery method or pick up location. 

Once your request for membership has been received, you will be contacted by email to obtain additional information.


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